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Franciscan Connections is an international Franciscan blog that connects, communicates, and conveys the best of Franciscan learning in the twenty-first century.

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St. Francis And Mental Health Challenges
Krijn Pansters   |   March 25, 2021
Spirituality | Care

St Francis of Assisi was once a person who was excluded, ostracized, and ridiculed. Eventually this turned to exaltation, glorification, and canonization.

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Center for Action and Contemplation
Krijn Pansters   |   March 24, 2021
Society | Spirituality

Richard Rohr founded the Center for Action and Contemplation because he saw a deep need for the integration of both action and contemplation.

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Retrieving the Good Life in the Franciscan Tradition
Krijn Pansters   |   March 18, 2021
Ethics | Spirituality

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to tease out a new, more relational methodology for ethics in our time.

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Future-Oriented Investment Culture
Krijn Pansters   |   March 17, 2021
Church | Economy | Ecology

Investing in the common good: The social responsibility of property as the basis for ethical and sustainable investments. 

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