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A Franciscan Theology of Christmas
The Editors    |   January 2, 2023
Church | Spirituality

Francis of Assisi held a special devotion for Christmas, and for the infant Jesus, as evidenced by his recreation of the nativity scene at Greccio in 1223. 

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The Vir Hierarchicus and the Goal of Theology According to St. Bonaventure
The Editors    |   December 14, 2022

The purpose of this paper is to approach the Seraphic Doctor’s definition of theology as a “wisdom” from the standpoint of his teachings on sanctity and doctrine of grace.

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The Essence Of Franciscan Spirituality
The Editors    |   December 13, 2022

This course of hitherto unpublished lectures, originally addressed to Franciscan Religious in the wake of Vatican II, offers something for everyone interested in Franciscan Spirituality.

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The Virtuous Economy: Reforms in the Franciscan Tradition
The Editors    |   November 28, 2022
Society | Spirituality

Author Roderic Hewlett provides insights into how Franciscan reforms can change a market-based economy to one built up to be just and sustainable.

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Experiencing The Incarnation in our Daily Lives
Anthony M. Carrozzo   |   November 27, 2022
Church | Spirituality

As Christmas approaches, our thoughts often turn to our favorite stories. For Franciscans we easily gravitate to the moving renditions of Francis at Greccio.

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