A partnership between the Franciscan Study Center at Tilburg University, NL and the Franciscan Institute at Saint Bonaventure University, NY
Rene Girard and Franciscan Consciousness
Krijn Pansters   |   July 6, 2021
Society | Spirituality

Just as the deforming act of desire produced a system of violence based on rivalry, so the reforming act of God produces a system of nonviolence based on love.

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Franciscan Intellectual-Spiritual Tradition
Krijn Pansters   |   July 5, 2021
Church | Spirituality

The Commission on the Franciscan Intellectual-Spiritual Tradition, part of the Order’s English-speaking Conference, has now added the word “Spiritual” to its title.

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Academic Roger Bacon Conference
David Couturier   |   June 29, 2021
Church | Ethics

The Franciscan Institute requests proposals for scholarly papers and complete panels for this conference dedicated to Roger Bacon’s Moralis Philosophia.

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The Sultan and the Saint
Krijn Pansters   |   June 28, 2021
Church | Society | Spirituality

A volume of 26 articles combining Islamic and Christian perspectives on the encounter of St. Francis with Sultan al-Kamil.

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Lesser Ethics Conference - Our Speakers
Krijn Pansters   |   June 22, 2021
Ethics | Spirituality

The papers at this conference address the question how we can make the Franciscan intellectual and spiritual tradition relevant and fruitful for a present-day ethical practice.

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