The Rules of Francis, Clare, and the Third Order

Krijn Pansters (ed.), A Companion to Medieval Rules and Customaries (Leiden & Boston 2020).

A Companion to Medieval Rules and Customaries offers an introduction to the rules and customaries of the main religious orders in medieval Europe: Benedictine, Cistercian, Carthusian, Augustinian, Premonstratensian, Templar, Hospitaller, Teutonic, Dominican, Franciscan, and Carmelite. As well as introducing the early history and spirituality of the orders, scholars survey the central topics – organization, doctrine, morality, liturgy, and culture, as documented by these primary sources. For new introductions to the Franciscan and Clarissan Rules, see

Chapter 10 - Holly J. Grieco, “The Rule of Saint Francis” (pp. 283–314)

Chapter 11 - Bert Roest, “The Rules of Poor Clares and Minoresses” (pp. 315–342)

Chapter 12 - Jean-François Godet-Calogeras, “The Rule of the Franciscan Third Order” (pp. 343–365).

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