Forming Franciscan Minds And Hearts

Forming Franciscan Minds And Hearts (Franciscan Publishing 2023)

Co-editors Anthony Carrozzo OFM and Brenda Abbott PhD went far and wide in seeking contributors to this new volume Forming Franciscan Minds and Hearts which recreates a new and contemporary version of Bonaventure’s Return of the Arts to an approach to Franciscan evangelisation. Contributors deal with reading and prayer, devotion and devotions, music and poetry, preaching and teaching, along with new insights into the personalities of Francis and Clare, Bonaventure and Scotus, who call us not only to remember them but also to be formed with contemporary minds and hearts to be reborn in a tradition that is timeless.

Anthony Carrozzo’s Preface to this volume offers an invitation, echoing one offered by Brother Francis to his companion Brother Leo some eight centuries ago: ‘Come!’ The reader who accepts this invitation will not be disappointed. The twenty contributions here range from reflections on Christology in the works of Blessed John Duns Scotus to pastoral application of insights from the Franciscan tradition in the education of young children, university students and adult learners. The rich variety of topics and writers enclosed within these covers can help both beginners and veterans of the Franciscan way of life to reflect on the journey taken thus far and the goal toward which it leads us, the glory of God shining from the face of Christ.

William J. Short OFM, Director, Collegium S. Bonaventurae, International Centre for Franciscan Studies and Research, Rome.

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