A Byzantine Franciscan and the Coincidence of Opposites

Robert Lentz, OFM, "A Byzantine Franciscan and the Coincidence of Opposites", Franciscan Connections 69 (2020), 21-27.

"The Franciscan tradition of art is as alive as the Franciscan movement. Some centuries have been more glorious than others. History—the judgment of those who follow you—will judge our work in this 21st century. I introduce myself to you as someone intensely interested in both Franciscan aesthetics and evangelization. As a Byzantine iconographer, I feel the need to introduce a greater expression of transcendence in our religious art, while, as one who is involved in evangelization, I do not want to lose our Franciscan charism of glorifying God in the “ordinary”.

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Robert Lentz, OFM. | Messenger of Saint Anthony