Green Theology

Trees van Montfoort, Green Theology: An Eco-Feminist and Ecumenical Perspective (London 2021).

Green Theology is an urgent, far-reaching Christian theological reconsideration of the relationship between God, creation, nature, and human beings. Trees van Montfoort demonstrates that Ecological Theology is not a sub-discipline of Theology but a rediscovery of Theology, focused not only on God and people, but all of creation. Drawing on the perspectives of eco-theologians from around the world, this is a ground-breaking book that redefines the scope of Theology for a world in urgent need of answers. In five chapters, van Montfoort discusses Theology and Sustainability, The different worldview of the Bible, Issues in Eco-theology, Insights from Eco-feminist Theology worldwide, and the lessons of Christology and Anthropology. The ecological crisis demands new ways of thinking, doing, and believing. Green Theology is an indispensable book for anyone who wants to connect sustainability and faith, theology and ecology.

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